Some Ideas to Reduce Police’s Excessive Use of Force 減少警察過度武力的一些想法

The use of excessive force is a widespread problem among almost all police departments in the world. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon; many of which are outside of our scope of discussion. The general public lacks the expertise in the use of force, and therefore it is difficult for people without this background to understand and come up with ideas to improve police training to lessen the problem.

One issue we see is that police techniques tend to be very stiff, both conceptually and physically. As such the officer will tend to accomplish their goals using brute force, because their techniques do not allow them to do anything otherwise. The issue is compounded by the fact that police training tend to be very short, and the candidates simply don’t have enough time to understand the meaning and gain the sense of control regarding their use of force.

As martial artists, we can offer some simple pointers to make the techniques better after seeing how some of the techniques are performed and when they are applicable, but at the end, a systemic approach at the organizational level is needed to get to the bottom of the issue.




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