Fanning-Hand Adze 仙手奔

This is a Six Harmonies Mantis form. It has many names by different characters but always the same or similar enough pronunciation, and that’s because Chinese Martial Arts were passed down mainly orally in the old days and China had many dialects and accents. Somewhere down the line, people made their own interpretations about the form and decided to call it according to their ideas. The most logical one is the “Fanning-Hand Adze”, as we open the inside line like a Chinese fan with the first move, then grind down like an adze with the second and the third.

The Six Harmonies Mantis is known to be soft with hidden power. It is considered the style of the masters. Therefore, the forms are, unlike the Plum Blossom style, where power are displayed ostensibly, albeit with softness injected in the transition, almost always very soft and without any obvious display. Even when power is displayed, it is staying at the same gradual speed and always move together with the whole body without any detachment.

In reality, we don’t distinguish between the Plum Blossom and the Six Harmonies when we are engaged in combat. We do whatever feels right at the moment, and energy have to be used according to the situation. That means that our actual way of using energy is a mix between the two and in constant flux. That is why the Six Harmonies is the style of the masters because without spending a lot of time in understanding Plum Blossom’s speed and power and how to utilize softness to transition from moves to moves, it would be nigh impossible to understand how to generate soft, hidden power.

Forms are used to individual practice and it is best used to train one’s body movement and understand on momentum. We use the form for this exactly purpose and never expect to use it as is in any real scenarios.





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