Flying Catch 飛擒手

The Flying Catch (飛擒手) is one of the most simple method to lead from an initial attack and proceed to various grappling moves based on the opponent’s reaction.

The Mantis Style typically initiates an attack by threatening the eyes, an Eye Stroke (點睛). If the opponent doesn’t reaction, then they will lose their eyes and match; if they react by a parry, then you can follow with a Catch (採) to take control and perform grappling moves depends on positions and reactions. When General Qi Jiguang (戚繼光) of the Ming Dynasty said, “trying to parry or block will be punished by getting hit ten times over”, to describe the skillful performance of a master’s unarmed combat techniques in his New Treatise on Military Efficiency (《紀效新書》), this is exactly what he meant.

The Flying Catch is the combination of an Eye Stroke and a Catch in a single fluid movement.




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